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NFT stands for non-fungible token. A token is a digitalized asset, for instance, a work of (digital) art, concert tickets, etc. By purchasing an NFT, one acquires a virtual certificate of ownership, which is stored on the blockchain and thus forgery-proof and unique. The buyer thereby secures rights to the digital image and can also resell his acquired share at will. Blockchain technology guarantees that all information relating to previous transactions is recorded and immutable.

It is technology that can be viewed as a decentralized global database, in which ownership can be assigned. In the blockchain, like on a "chain," information and transactions are added in chronological order, and as soon as a certain limit of entries is reached, they are sealed and a "block" is created. Once this has been digitally stored, a new block can be created. After each of these processes, the blocks are threaded onto a tightly connected chain. The blockchain is decentralized and is therefore not connected with states or banks; nevertheless, it is stored at the highest security standard through a global network of computers.

The term “minting” comes from real-world coin making. Gold and silver are "minted" into coins for circulation. In the crypto context, minting refers to the process of creating tokens out of digital assets. The tokens are then registered, so to speak, and the digital art becomes part of the blockchain. This makes them immutable, counterfeit-proof, and they can be put into circulation after this process.

Yes, the price of the NFT will remain at Euro 1.850,- or 0,65 Ethereum (depending on the development of ETH adjustments on the ETH price may occur in the future).

You will receive a link to your personal NFT on IPFS. You may add a dedication next to the NFT on the website. You will receive an E-Mail Link to the dedication link. You will also be able to download the data file of your NFT tile to use it for your personal use at your discretion.

Please be aware that “The Kiss” NFTs are only being sold via and, always make sure to check the correct URL of the platform to ensure that it is not a fake website.
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